Sistema de depósito

• Parts in exchange.
In order to keep prices affordable for everyone, and in order to recycle parts for a better planet, we offer many products as a part in exchange. It means we ask for the old parts to be returned afterwards.

- How does the process work?
1. Confirm your order by payment
2. On the invoice the products and deposit amount is noted
3. We will directly send out the new products
4. Install the new products
5. Return the old/defect items back to us
6. Your paid deposit will be refunded
7. Thanks for your cooperation!

• Deposit.
For some parts in our shop we would need the payment of an additional old core deposit. The amount of this deposit can be found in the product description. The deposit amount of each item, if applicable, is automatically added to the total price when checking out. The paid deposit is also noted on your invoice.

• Receiving the new items and the turn form in the box.
Once your new parts are arrived, you will find a return form in the box. It was also sent to your e-mail address and the form can also be downloaded on our website.

• Returning an old unit.
After you have received and installed the new product, please send the old parts properly packed to us.
We advise to follow the steps as written on the form.
- please use the original box
- please make sure the parts are free of oil
- check well if all small parts and bits you require are taken from the old unit

• Sending the returning parcel.
You will find our address on the return form. Any courier can be used to send the parcel to ABCspecialist, however we prefer DPD, UPS and Fedex. You may want to use courier compare websites, in order to compare transport rates. We advise to check and

Please note the responsibility of returning the parts in exchange in good condition to our warehouse, is at the buyer.

For transport from outside EU; Please make sure to follow instructions on the return form concerning the commercial invoice and customs declaration.

For some countries we are able to arrange and book transport with collection at a small surcharge.

If you need assistance of our logistics team, just let us know.