Formas de pago

• Confirming your order.
An order can be placed by phone or email or directly via this website or eBay shop. By confirming your order you have committed to complete the payment, and the products will only be dispatched after payment.

• Payment options.
We support various payment options such as IBAN / BIC transfer or iDeal, credit card, PayPal, Sofort, bank contact etc.

• Net invoice and tax rate.
If you are ordering from us on behalf of a company or workshop (business-to-business) and your company within the EU has a valid VAT identification number, you can enter this when ordering when requesting company details. You will then immediately receive the net price and a net invoice without VAT.

For professionals and traders who order as private individuals within the EU, VAT is applicable.

For customers outside the EU, VAT is not applicable. The courier may ask you to pay import costs upon delivery. The rate varies by country.

If you wish to order the products as a private customer, VAT applies.

• Do you have any questions?
Please feel free to contact our finance and support team.

Mail: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +31619456617