Refund of the deposit & Return form

• Returning an old unit for deposit refund.
After you have received and installed the new product, please send the old parts properly packed to us.
We advise to follow the steps as written on the form. Download RETURN FORM
- please use the original box
- please make sure the parts are free of oil
- check well if all small parts and bits you require are taken from the old unit

• Sending the returning parcel.
Please fill in the return form and put it in the box. Download RETURN FORM
State your name and details needed for deposit refund (Bank or PayPal is well accepted)
You will find our address on the label on the return form. Please stick that label firmly on the box.

Any courier can be used to send the parcel to ABCspecialist, however we prefer DPD, UPS and Fedex. You may want to use courier compare websites, in order to compare transport rates. We advise to check and

Please note the responsibility of returning the parts in exchange in good condition to our warehouse, is at the buyer.

For transport from outside EU; Please make sure to follow instructions on the return form concerning the commercial invoice and customs declaration.

For some countries we are able to arrange and book transport with collection at a small surcharge.

If you need assistance of our logistics team, just let us know.

• Process time for returning parcels
We receive many packages every week. The processing time for opening the packages is on average 7 days. You will receive a notification when the package has been opened and processed.

Refund typically takes place the day after. For international bank payments, it might take a few working days to process the amount back to your account.

In the meantime, you can of course follow the parcel online, to see if the package has been delivered to our address by the courier. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions, just let us know.