Remanufactured parts are parts that have been manufactured through an overhaul process. Used parts are selected (broken, heavily worn or damaged parts are not usable). After this, they are usually completely disassembled, cleaned, sprayed, coated, fitted with new bearings, rubbers, seals, covers, etc. Sometimes the internal components are exchanged. The product is assembled and tested, after quality control where the part functions as good as new, it is ready for delivery.

An overhaul process takes a lot of time, labour, technology, knowledge, special machines and materials. The print run is done in large batches. Engineers and university-trained personnel are deployed for this purpose. Individual customization is expensive, so not all parts are available as an overhaul part.

Remanufactured parts are favorable in terms of price, because we manufacture them in larger numbers and ask for your old part to be returned afterwards. This is recycled again. This way the price remains affordable and you also help the environment!

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