Recycling and Deposit

•    Parts in exchange

After placing an order, we will first send out the new product.

We ask for the old parts to be returned after every sale. After assembling the new product, please return the old parts in the box with the enclosed return form.

•    Deposit

For some parts in our shop we would need the payment of an additional deposit. The amount of the deposit can be found in the product description.

For the payment of the deposit you will receive an invoice or payment request, which should be paid before any items are being shipped.

The deposit will be refunded after your old unit has been returned. We try to process the returns as soon as possible, you will receive a confirmation of this process.

If you wish to send in your old unit first, no deposit is required to be paid.

*Returning an old unit

After you have received and installed the new product, please send the old parts properly packed in its original box and free of oil to ABCspecialist Netherlands for recycling using the instructions on the return form.

The return form is enclosed on the box and has been sent to you in the order confirmation email. You can also download the return form our website.

Please note the responsibility of returning the parts in exchange in good condition to our warehouse, is fully at the buyer.

For shippings from outside EU; Please make sure to follow instructions on the return form concerning the commercial invoice and customs declaration.

ABCspecialist only accepts packages for which shipping costs and custom costs for entering the EU have been fully paid for.

-Download return form.pdf-

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