ABC Shock SL R230 Rear Left >2007
ABC Shock SL R230 Rear Left >2007
ABC Shock SL R230 Rear Left >2007
ABC Shock SL R230 Rear Left >2007
ABC Shock SL R230 Rear Left >2007


Does your car have a fault in the Mercedes Benz ABC system? Do you receive the error code "ABC Stop car too low" or "ABC visit workshop" or "ABC drive carefully?" Does the suspension fail to work properly or does your Mercedes not go up to the highest position? Does the suspension make noise, loses oil or does the car sink in height? Most likely, the strut is leaking or the shock is defect.

The parts offered in this advertisement are original Mercedes-Benz and have been completely factory-remanufactured and tested.

The price is fixed and per piece. All mentioned prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.

Price assumes the return of the old unit (Deposit € 300.- )

The shock is sold as a complete unit as pictured

Dutch quality.

Items are shipped directly from stock. The delivery time within Europe is 2 days (shipping with Track & Trace Europe). Express delivery options are available at surcharge.

Left, right, rear and front side available. Near side / Off side.

- Suitable for;

R230 W230 SL- Class - SL280 SL350 SL500 SL600 – Year 2002-2006/2007 pre facelift

R230 W230 SL- Class - SL280 SL350 SL500 SL600 – Year 2006/2007-2012 facelift

- Part numbers;

*SL-class 2002-2007 1e generation with ADS.

Left front A2303208713 A2303200013 A230320871380

Right front A2303208813 A2303202813 A230320881380

Left rear A2303204138  A2303200213 A230320021380

Right rear  A2303204238  A2303200513 A230320051380

*SL-class AMG-model 2002-2007 1e generation with ADS.

Left front A2303204338 A2303203938 A2303202913 A2303204513 A230320451380

Right front A2303204438 A2303204038 A2303203013 A2303204413 A230320441380

Left rear A2303204713 A230320471380 a23032047130080

Right rear A2303204613 A230320461380 A23032046130080

*SL-class 2007-2012 2e generation without ADS.

Left front A2303206113 a2203204338

Right front A2303208613 A2303204438

Left rear A2303205513 A2303200338 A2303204538

Right rear A2303205813 A2303200438 A2303204638

*SL-class AMG-model 2007-2012 2e generation without ADS.

Left front A2303202913 A2303203913 A2303204913 A2303206913 A2303202338 A2303202338 A2303203938

Right front A2303203013 A2303204013 A2303206813 A2303207013 A2303205013

Left rear A2303203113 A2303204113 A2303204713 A2303205313 A2303202638 A2303203438 A2303202538 A2303203338 A2303207113

Right rear A2303204213 A2303203213 A2303204613 A2303205213 A2303207213 A2303202438 A2303204038

AMG models; surcharge + € 100

- Important information about the product: The pre facelift shock for 2002-2007 models front side is sold with plungerwegsensor. The facelift shock for 2002-2007 models rear side is sold without sensor.

Please note; We recommend testing the accumulators and pressure limiting valve before installing a new strut.

Remanufactured parts are repaired parts, and slight signs of wear are possible visible. All shocks are tested before shipping. Installation of an ABC shock should be carried out by experienced workshops only. With each unit you will receive information about the installation and you are free to contact us for advice. First other components of the ABC system should be tested if your old shock has failed, before installing a new unit. Also the right procedure should be used when installing the shock, we advise an oil flush and installation of a new filter and the system should be bleeded for air and calibrated. If these steps are not followed correctly the new unit will be damaged. Since most buyers don’t take these correct steps, we don’t accept any returns of this product after installation. We hope you understand this decision, with buying the product you are agreed to this statement.  

ABCspecialist is a Dutch company specialized in hydraulic suspension systems. Since 2010 we sell all parts for the ABC system of Mercedes Benz from our stock exclusively for the business market.

If you have any questions please contact our customer service.


Gewicht Weight (kg): 15
Conditie Kondition Condition: Gereviseerd
Borg Kaution Deposit (€) : 300
Onderdeelnummer Teilenummer Part no.:
  • a2203205513
  • a2303200338
  • a2303204538

ABC Shock SL R230 Rear Left >2007

€ 899,00

Please contact us for express shipping possibilities

Original parts checked by ABCspecialist

Professional advice.

Onderdelen uit stock geleverd

Worldwide shipping with insurance

Quality parts for a fair price

Price excl. 21% VAT (Net price for workshops, please note your VAT number)

Pay quickly and easily

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