V12 coil pack M137 M275 CL600 S600 SL600 left
V12 coil pack M137 M275 CL600 S600 SL600 left
V12 coil pack M137 M275 CL600 S600 SL600 left
V12 coil pack M137 M275 CL600 S600 SL600 left


Do you have problems with your Mercedes V12 engine? Is the engine not running properly, is there a misfire, is the engine not running on all cylinders? Is the engine indicator lit?

A common problem of the Mercedes Benz engine M137 and M275 600 v12 produced between 1999 and 2010 is a faulty ignition coil.

For this model we offer reconditioned and tested original ignition coil packs for a fair price. In this way, your V12 will run smoothly again and regain all the power that comes with a V12.

NEW Refurbished Ignition Coil Pack V12 for Mercedes S600 CL600 SL600 V12 1999-2010.

The parts offered in this advertisement are original Mercedes-Benz and have been completely factory remanufactured and tested.

All mentioned prices are exclusive of 21% VAT. The price is fixed and per piece.

Price assumes the return of the old unit afterwards (Deposit € 300.- )

Dutch quality.

Items on stock. The delivery time within Europe is 2 days (shipping with Track & Trace Europe). Express delivery options are available at surcharge.

- Suitable for;

                  W220 S-Class S600 S65 V12 1999-2006

W215 C215 CL-Class CL600 CL65 V12 2001-2006

R230 SL- Class SL600 SL65 V12 2001-2006

W463 G- Class G63 2002

W221 S- Class S600 S65 V12 2006-2014

W216 C216 CL-Class CL600 CL65 V12 2006-2014

R230 SL- Class SL600 SL65 V12 2006-2012

W463 G- Class G65 2012

M137 engine 5,8L V12 1998 – 2002

M137 AMG engine 6,3L V12 2001 - 2002

M275 engine 5,5L V12 2003 – 2014

M275 AMG engine 6,0L V12 2003 – 2014

-Part numbers;   A2751500480 right hand side

A2751500680 right hand site

A2751500580 left hand side

A2751500780 left hand side

RH side = UK drivers side or EU passenger side. Cylinders 1-6

LH side = UK passenger side or EU driver side. Cylinders 7-12

ABCspecialist is a Dutch company specialized in hydraulic suspension systems. Since 2010 we sell all parts for the ABC system of Mercedes Benz from our stock exclusively for the business market.

If you have any questions please contact our customer service.

Thank you for your interest. ABCspecialist Netherlands webshop

- Technical Information:

Please strictly follow the supplied advices when installing the product, otherwise you will

irreparably damage the product. After installation no returns are accepted.

Please refer for installation to the complete installation description from Mercedes Benz.

Please check if you received the correct item, and inspect the item carefully. Returning a product is with electronics is only possible using the right of withdrawal if the item is un-used, not installed and undamaged.

Always install new spark plugs. Use only OEM spark plugs (double platinum ground and centre electrode plugs for normal aspirated V12 and iridium plugs for twin turbo V12 engines with appropriate air gap. Wrong or old spark plugs can lead to failure of the coil pack. The coils come with 12 new red rubber isolators inside each of the ignition coil pack, they should be checked and changed when defect or after installing every new coil, else it can lead to failure of the coil pack.

Make sure to check if the coil pack is mounted correctly. The ignition coil must be installed with care using the special tools from Mercedes Benz. Failure to do so may cause the printed circuit board to bend and crack during assembly, rendering the ignition coil unusable. Please install the heatshield on the ignition coil pack as the heat of the engine easily damages the coil packs without the heat shield.

Always make sure the battery is fully charged and the alternator is working. Bad or low voltage can lead to glitches in the modules. Use SDS Star diagnostic equipment to check which error codes remain. Please forward the error codes and/or measurements to us in order to help you further.

Misfire on single or multiple individual cylinders is often caused by a defect coil pack, while misfire on a complete bank (right bank cylinder 1-6, left bank cylinder 7-12) can be caused by a defect voltage transformer module as well with about 50% probability. Misfire on groups of 3 cylinders like 1-3, or 9-12 can be caused by a bad, worn or defect lambda O2 sensor, or old or defect catalyc converter.

Some other issues that can cause misfire are; defect or old knock sensor, defect or old oil pressure sensor (both), MAF sensor, wrong signals from sensors in the engine and engine and transmission support mounts,  carbon deposits in the cylinder, bad injectors, bad or dirty gas inlet valve, defect or dirty air mass flow sensor, or bad compression. Finally the motor engine computer ECU should be checked and operate without glitches. Please make sure to check all these components well, as they can lead to a malfunctioning or defect coil pack.

- More information about the product: No returns of electronic products. We do not sell this module for a free test to check if your ignition coil is faulty. If the voltage transformer / voltage module is defective, the new ignition coil will also be damaged immediately. A correct diagnosis is therefore important. Your specialist workshop or our specialists can help you with this.

Remanufactured or refurbished parts are repaired parts, and slight signs of wear are possible visible. All parts are tested and the functionality is 100%. The installation should only be carried out by experienced garages. With each product you will receive information about the installation and you are welcome to ask us for advice. First, the other components of the system should be tested before installing a new product. When installing the product, the correct procedure should also be used. If these steps are not taken correctly, the new product will be damaged. Since many buyers are not taking the right steps, we will not accept returns for this product after installation. We hope you understand this decision. When you buy the product you agree with this statement

To receive back any paid deposit, old parts are always shipped by the client to our return address, and should be in a complete, unopened and undamaged state and have the same original manufacturer part number as the purchased unit, unless otherwise agreed upon in written confirmation with ABCspecialist, otherwise a compensation and/or repair costs might be subtracted from the deposit being refunded.


What is the condition of the product? As on the photos the product is like new. Also internally the product has been checked and its functionality is 100%.

Do I receive the new item immediately after the buy? Yes we first ship the new item, after which you can send us back the old unit. Please note we only ship after all payments are complete.

Why do I have to pay a deposit? These units are recycled parts, which is why the prices are much lower than the new price. However we need as much units to be returned as being sold.

How do I receive back my deposit? The deposit will be refunded once we received back your old product. Please ship an undamaged item back to us in a properly packed box

Important information about this advertisement and the conditions of the sale.

* Order process & Payment Only business customers in possession of a valid Chamber of Commerce number and international VAT number can contact us by telephone or e-mail, or place an order through our website, after which you will receive an invoice. We support various payment options like IBAN / BIC bank transfer or iDeal, credit card, PayPal, Sofort, bankcontact, etc. After receiving your agreement to the invoice by means of a payment, we will ship out your order immediately. Express delivery options are available. You can return the old parts for the refund of the paid deposit after installation. Our general terms and conditions apply to every sale and can be found at the invoice or downloaded on our website. We do not offer sales to private customers. Private customers can contact a professional workshop for diagnosis or to order parts from us, or contact our customer service to refer to a reputable professional workshop in your area.

* Deposit For some parts in our shop we would need the payment of a deposit. The amount of the deposit can be found in the product description. For the payment of the deposit you will receive an invoice, which should be paid before any items are being shipped.  After you have received and installed the new product, please send the old parts properly packed in its original box and free of oil to ABCspecialist Netherlands for recycling using the instructions on the return form. To receive back any paid deposit, old parts are always shipped by the client to our return address, and should be in a complete, unopened and undamaged state and have the same original manufacturer part number as the purchased unit, unless otherwise agreed upon in written confirmation with ABCspecialist, otherwise a compensation and/or repair costs might be substracted from the deposit. After inspection you will receive the deposit back to your account.

 * Guarantee and returns We assume no responsibility for any other expenses. Products sold on a special order (not from stock) or with discount cannot be returned. No returns accepted for electronic parts.


This text is a translation. From information, prices or texts in this advertisement, in our documents or on our website no rights can be derived. We are a Dutch company aiming for business customers in the Dutch market and Dutch law applies in all cases. With your binding purchase, you agree to our Dutch terms and conditions of the sale. Please check the terms and conditions that apply to the sale and our disclaimer on our website.


Gewicht Weight (kg): 5
Conditie Kondition Condition: Gereviseerd
Borg Kaution Deposit (€) : 300
Onderdeelnummer Teilenummer Part no.:
  • A2751500580
  • A2751500780
  • A0001502180
  • A275150078080

V12 coil pack M137 M275 CL600 S600 SL600 left

€ 990,00

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Original parts checked by ABCspecialist

Professional advice.

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Quality parts for a fair price

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